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Improve vision in medicine or baby food?

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1 Improve vision in medicine or baby food? on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:52 pm


I know children are not eating more fruits, vegetables, or take a supplement to improve eyesight eye fast and safe for children here? Is there any mother has been a headache for sharing this with me!

His dog house this year is her first year students (class 1) and then, but I'm also worried about her daughter's vision here I am!

In addition to learning in class, every home is the second evening the mother struggled with each other about school homework. And just a little neglected child to school is watching television absorbed. We can say that I am a believer of the programs you always baby.

You are always interested in watching cartoons or children's programs to lethargy, sleep forgotten forgot to eat. Generally the time outside the school, my eyes are always stuck to the TV.

This makes me feel quite nervous. I'd love to ban or restrict children watch TV but is not. So do sloths eat it all out to get TV coax children to eat only good. Recently, vision care for children too, I also gave the doctor then.

May that also advance the vision of the illness, but also a specialist prescription to take the necessary supplement to the eye as Vitamin A, Zinc, B2 ... I also have a pharmacy buy tonic eye on it but do not know whether to freak out children used as recommended by the doctor?

The reason is that I've read somewhere that said that, if to help improve the vision by focusing taking vitamin A is not necessarily good. Not to mention if an overdose, toxins accumulate in her body. Not to mention, if you drink a variety of other vitamins you will have excess minerals.

This is no less harmful to health. For example, if the excess iron will easily cause poisoning, diarrhea. If the excess zinc will affect absorption of other minerals. If you eat too much iodine is not good for the thyroid. Therefore, if children drink the tonic eye may not be safe for human health where the mamma.

A good diet is much better eye on food supplements eye preparations.

Yesterday, he heard a colleague say that the agency you, to improve vision for children, their children should actively eating vegetables or dark green vegetables are eye-catching colors. For example, you should buy South Vietnamese fruit cranberry feeding because they have heard many levels of the eyes. Besides, your child should eat more fruits and vegetables containing Vitamin A as Gac, carrots, papaya, tomatoes ... Or more simply as possible for the fish oil tablets.

His colleagues also clear that, a good diet for better eye on food supplements eye preparations. Therefore, instead of drinking the tonic eye, so the child does not eat her vegetables contain more B-carotene?

Really, I do not want the new Dog class that has an eye lem can not clearly see where the trash because of Mom. The more I do not want to "wear a vented bottle."

But I do not know your child is eating more fruits, vegetables or taking supplements to improve eyesight eye fast and safe for children here? Is there any mother has a headache this is shared with yourselves!
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