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Note when bathing your baby in a green tea

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1 Note when bathing your baby in a green tea on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:55 pm


Although green tea is very good, but should only be used to bathe the baby 2 times / week. The reason is that if many with green tea bath, the skin becomes more sensitive.

Since the information and bath products of Johnson & Johnson shampoo contain carcinogens causes mothers to panic and go back to the natural product from green tea leaves. Although the market remains more specialized products for children not in the list contains carcinogens. However, the psychology of many parents with children still thought to be very "insecure".

The use of green tea is recognized the world. Today many parents still use her more green tea instead of shower gel to help your baby's sensitive skin is always protected. Content of catechins in green tea has anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial symbiosis in the skin, killing the flu virus and anti-radiation ... help create a membrane covered, sheltered from the influences of her surroundings.

Use only green tea for baby shower 2 times a week

Although green tea is very good, but the mother should also note when using these leaves to bathe the children, only use green tea for baby shower 2 times a week, because if the shower will make skin more sensitive he becomes themselves. Alternation can bathe your baby in a green tea or lemon water to your baby stay healthy skin.

How to use green tea for baby shower: 300g pick green tea leaves, crumpled it into a saucepan of water to boil, then draw off the water, mixed in water bath at temperatures from 30-38 degrees C. your child's school

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