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Be careful with your meal your child's school

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1 Be careful with your meal your child's school on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:48 pm


This affect the development of maximum genetic potential regarding stature, physical, intellectual ...

School age are known from the beginning until the student leaves school. This period lasted approximately 15 years. This is the time to determine the maximum development of genetic potential in stature related to, physically, intellectually, is the time to form habits will most likely save his life in the story that eating and mobilization, lifestyle ... Investment in human resources in the society can not not care about nutrition school age.

When children go to school, the top concerns of children and families are learning outcomes. Thus, depending on the thinking and the specific conditions of each family, caring about, the child's diet will take place in many different directions.

Eating "missing"
For some children picky eaters capital, not excited about eating some, the school is the best reason to ... not eating. The children hyperactive, inquisitive, sometimes immersed, but learning new things ... forget about eating.

The curriculum and increasing periods of time when young to the older students and children sometimes eat less ... no time for eating. For most school children learn at different levels, knowledge and trends in children's nutritional sometimes depends on ... movies, cinema idol in the music is more or issues related to health.

Meanwhile, demand for nutrients is increased by the young age of increasingly larger, the demand for physical development and more and more to meet the increased activity of the brain, because So this risk malnourished children (SDD) will also increase more if the child is not being tracked and adequate care of their diet.

Eating "excess"
For those children are pampered pets, with the anxious care of the family too much, there is "soul food" and conditions of food abundance, then things contrary, the risk of obesity was an issue need attention. Young adults should prefer the freedom to choose according to their own foods and other foods at this age that most children tend to be preferred dry foods, fresh, fat ... These high-energy food.

Higher risk than obesity in children by the time school boarding school more time to sit movement, space for no movement, it was dark arriving home just in time for dinner, watching TV and sleeping. Psychological parents, grandparents very injured children throughout the day so far with any tidbit is intended for. Obesity focused on students in small classes tend to rise more and faster.

At the boarding school, student obesity rate twice the rate of malnutrition. This situation in fact there are much less pessimistic than before, when they themselves have two children were SDD, if not more dangerous, because childhood obesity leads to a series of risk for later health.

So eat what is "enough"
Meals of children is not easy but is actually not difficult. We just need to eat normally, ie not cared for too much, not too much indifference.

With children anorexia, poor appetite, should arrange for children to eat more snacks at the time break between classes in any kind of food kids like and can eat as milk, bananas, potatoes, cake ... Eat meals include a variety of foods and children should eat our liking for food is better than my parents liking.

A bowl of instant noodles a little extra meat and vegetables, or a small cake can completely replace a bowl of rice with all sorts of meat, fish, vegetable soup in the child's meals. Rice with sesame salt, then add salt equally optimistic rice with beef ... And for children at risk of overweight, obesity should be rather more fat with skim milk, with fruit instead of candy, fried foods do not oily but steamed, boiled, baked ...

Advocacy is always good for every child, the child should take the time to have fun, exercise and sports, team activities to communicate with the social set. Learning about nutrition and a long term thing, it is necessary for children to regularly eat and study habits throughout the year, avoiding sudden changes in the exam season.

Cycle is normal for children to eat, if class time is increased, adding a few snacks for children is enough. Avoid school at night and sleeping during the day, long day habit physiologically. There drowsiness to fall asleep in the exam room that hour because normal body gets used to sleeping. Homework the night are generally considered easier to learn, but there is nowhere where competition held in mid-night, do not need to be familiar with the child awake, alert on that now?

Before the examination, if the child does not eat too stressful, do not have to be pressed. Snacks for children, liquid, easy to swallow is the best. nutrition for children - children in the hospital - children health

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