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"War" against child obesity

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1 "War" against child obesity on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:54 pm


Experts have pointed out the status of obesity in primary school is by eating more, lack of playgrounds, students sedentary ...

Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy is 10 years old daughter in 5th grade, 1.5 m, but weighs nearly 70 kg. She said she allowed the doctor to control her weight gain but where some time back into it. Once the school welcomes children, listen to her nanny, "yelled capital," lunch feeding rations are not enough, ask for more rice to your sister that is also the day of milk or bread baskets to her stomach lining every after school. Now her mercy because of a decrease in the diet was crying, holding her heart was not. Feeding Marine comfortable but she also encourages children to play sports, a lot of exercise to lose weight would do it down for you.

Paddling with child obesity
A group of students, Luong The Vinh University (Go Vap) weighing said obesity at every coal-hungry, always school teacher for more rice to eat lunch or paging call parents to bring food supplies more.

According to Dr. Nguyen Tai Dung, head of school health, the Department of Education City, students are overweight condition, obesity is a growing trend. "We have several surveys in the area elementary school students, the rate of overweight, obesity, where up to 20%, concentrated in inner city schools, playgrounds narrow. It is observed see today's parents little realize the downside of overweight children, parents, children eat bluff, am just waking up to eat, drink milk, then eat lunch, late food, dinner meals, evening snacks. Now .. how can kids eat is loaded. So schools have to diet as well as uncontrolled a relaxed parent of the child eating, feeding children just preferences, needs ".

Many primary school teachers admit children to school by the family to take place, food, candy is always prepared parents in pairs students should never let his empty belly fat is not new.

Student status of overweight, obesity is a growing trend. Photo: Internet

Hard school screening
Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Diep, Director Nguyen Binh Khiem Primary School (District 1), share: Parents should be screened for risk of obesity of children right from kindergarten. In elementary school, the school only refer to the indicators recommended by the dietitian about nutrition for children with obese parents to follow the recommended diet for children. Students in school rather large, very hard to control but once I tried to limit the amount of starch, increase vegetables in your diet.

But Mr. Nguyen Dat Su, Vice Rector of Luong Dinh Primary School (District 3), admitted: "The school control diet of children is difficult, because they need the support from their family. For the youth obesity, teachers encouraged to exercise, run and jump more to release energy, improving health. The remaining control belongs to the family ".

"Now kids in the big city to live in an area of ​​narrow, small playground, a lack of physical activity. The children play games, go online, watching TV, sitting down ... It is a static operation that not active, while nutrient rich conditions, lack of exercise but eat much. prevention of overweight, obesity actually more difficult than prevention of malnutrition because obese children are stimulated appetite and food more, parents and schools are difficult to prevent "- BS Dung said.

Manual control childhood obesity

A. Diet:
- Maintain give milk every day. Children aged two and older can not change milk fat buttermilk.

- For a child to eat lean meats, processed foods so as boiling, steaming, baking, avoid fried foods; for children to eat with the family, avoid foods separate, giving the children feel discriminated against, isolated.

- Tap for children to eat more vegetables, and fruit snacks used instead of candy, soft drinks.

- Prepare your child small meals with low energy foods such as fruit, skim milk, potatoes, corn ... keep children too hungry to eat a meal easily lead to fat accumulation.

- Focus breakfast, reduced food in the evening.

Two. Mode of physical activity:
- Limit time kids are passive, sitting watching TV, playing games under 1 hour / day, no longer a place for children to sit.

- Encourage children to participate in movement games like hide and seek, ball ... Help your child choose the sport young favorite and create conditions for children to pursue training.

- Tap for children to do some work at home, in class support his family, the school: Clean up toys, watering plants, sweeping, set the table ...

- Have your child walk at any time, any place can be: up and down stairs, walking to class, walk in the park ...
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