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5 common disease of children and prevention

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1 5 common disease of children and prevention on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:53 pm


Runny nose, cough, sore eyes ... diseases are common in children. Keep reading to learn about 5 types of diseases and learn how to stop them to NHE mother!

According to data from the Mayo Clinic, the top five reasons that children miss school is that they are diseases such as common cold, stomach flu, ear infections, sore red eyes and sore throat. Learn new aspects of each disease will help you know how to support them most effectively.

Common cold
There are over 200 viruses can cause common cold, of which rhinovirus is the most popular. As the doctor pointed out, the antibiotic is not an effective treatment when a child has a common cold caused by virus.

Stomach flu or viral gastroenteritis
Eating habits hygiene can lead to many diseases caused by bacteria, viruses causes, including gastro-intestinal disease caused by Rota virus is common. These viruses cause diarrhea syndrome, which can lead to death if the patient is not treated in time and also make the disease spread.

Children with ear infections more likely to get ear infections than adults, especially in infants, due to the baby's immune system weak. According to statistics, approximately two thirds of children suffering from ear infections at least once before the period was two years old. And ear infections are often caused by viruses or bacteria, it usually begins when infected baby, such as colds. Ear infections always start from the nose, a nasal membranes more consequence excessive mucus and drain lines (nose, sinuses, ears) is not functioning properly.

Pinkeye disease, also known as conjunctivitis caused by adeno virus, which occurs at any age and typically increase as the weather changing seasons, the human body easy fatigue, immune system activity, producing the conditions for viruses to attack.

Children with pink eye is often accompanied by symptoms such as fever, sore throat, easy to be confused with a sore throat. The treatment is easy to pinkeye, pinkeye if timely treatment of complications will not leave voluntarily but if the drug or treatment will not finish inflammation, corneal ulcer.

Viruses that cause most sore throats and can be accompanied by other signs of respiratory distress, including coughing and nasal discharge. According to research, the scientists found about 200 strains of different viruses and bacteria cause disease, nasopharyngitis, thus the child can just get infected with this virus to other viruses in the body is declining at immunity after the first infection.

How to prevent common diseases
All five diseases above have in common? "When lowered immune support and balance the bacteria go away, which means the bad guys won,". To combat both the causes of this, you can strengthen the immune system for your child with the help of organic foods. Encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables. If possible try to add mushrooms to the menu of the children because they are very good for the immune system.

A key component to building a healthy immune system is to protect the healthy bacteria. Probiotics may come from dietary sources like milk, yogurt, cheese ... Be careful with large amounts of foods with sugar, because they were "overwhelmed" the benefits of beneficial bacteria.

In addition to providing foods, behavioral changes can also help build the immune system for your child. Here are easy tips for a life without disease.

Wash your hands
Remind your children to wash hands frequently, including before or after eating and after using the toilet. You can create more excitement for kids suggested we just sing Happy Birthday just wash your hands.

Adequate sleep is an important arsenal in protecting children from the cold, as well as shorten the cold .. According to health consultant and nutrition, children under 1 year should be met for about 14 to 16 hours of sleep. Children aged 1 to 3 is 12 to 14 hours, children ages 3-6 should sleep at least 10 to 12 hours, children from 7 to 12 are required about 10 to 11 hours, and adolescents should sleep between 8 and 9 pm each night.

Sneezing or coughing
Encourage children to cover coughs or sneezes, and if possible, use paper towels or hand towels instead of yourself with your hands cover your cough.

Exercise regularly
Make sure your children get regular exercise! Encourage children to participate in a variety of motor sports and other activities accordingly. The way that not only improve health but also have the opportunity to help children develop a healthy psychology.

Limit exposure
Try to keep your child healthy and limit contact with children and adults with the disease. While the disease is part of the immune system to develop the child's stronger then keeping healthy children from those with other diseases is an easy way to avoid creating cycles of infection, making all people are sick longer.

Avoid secondhand smoke
Secondhand smoke can irritate the lungs and sinuses of children, like adults. When continuous contact may be a risk factor in causing respiratory problems.

Take vitamin supplements
Vitamin supplements for children, especially vitamin D in winter, when we are getting less sunlight, will help strengthen the child's resistance.

Do not share water bottles
Children should avoid drinks bottle and other personal items with other children to avoid getting a cold.
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