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7 ways to help children less pain after immunization

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Here are some simple but effective way to surprising levels that you and your doctor can do to help reduce pain during vaccination.

Vaccines protect children from dangerous diseases. However, to get the positive effects, the child must endure the pain of injection and a few side effects after the vaccine was introduced into the body. The pain sometimes gave children the obsession with the needles and tubes makes the injection process more difficult with children.

Do children lose focus
This simple but makes kids distracted, not paying attention to the shot and inadvertently reduce the pain for children. Even a small variation can also eliminate many problems. You can use a new toy to attract the baby, just a picture on the wall, pronouncing ABC, told me something funny or simply blow up a balloon for her attention ...

Pretend to cough
A 2010 study in the journal Pediatrics found that perform the "fake cough" once before and during immunization reduces pain responses in children ages 4 and 5 and ages 11 and 12 . The doctors also said that for children over 3 years we can imagine that we're blowing the birthday cake candles, resulting in less pain. So when preparing injections, you can manipulate the instance child blow into a wreath, propeller or anything you can think of at the time.

A 2010 analysis published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood study the effects of 1-12 month old children try a small amount of solution "sweet" like candy or sugar before vaccination, results of 13 infants in 14 studies testing cry less than infants not being used. Sugar solution delivers multiple benefits rather than adverse effects that cause tooth decay I'm still young forbidden to eat, and it is clear that it has no drawbacks or side effects to vaccinations.

Turn animation
What could be more charming than the playful cartoon characters, life on the screen? A study from the University of Georgia published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology found that children feel less pain when the nurse turned on cartoons in the vaccine. "Any distraction techniques, whether it is a cartoon, video game, or an attraction that also eases the pain for children," said a PhD. If your doctor does not have a TV in the clinic, you can bring your portable DVD player or laptop to support.

Using anesthesia products, spot cooling
EMLA cream, anesthetic creams, can reduce the pain caused by childhood vaccinations. A study in 2003 showed that babies who are EMLA cream prior to immunization is less painful than the baby not be applied. You can buy many creams on the market for anesthetic cream may be an hour before immunization cream helps promote good effect.

Pacifier may help your child feel more comfortable in many cases. Small test at the University of Michigan found that pacifiers can reduce the pain for newborns before, during and after vaccination. The pacifier soaked in a sugar solution can provide more effective. After immunization, breast feeding or dummies also help reduce your baby's crying time.

Consider the sequence of shots
In a 2009 study, doctors discovered that babies are less likely to cry if they are combined vaccine for diphtheria, polio, tetanus, pertussis and Haemophilus influenzae Type B ( DPTaP-Hib or Pentacel), followed by vaccine pneumococcal conjugate (PCV or Prevnar). Children are given the order has proved to be less pain than children who reverse order. your child's school

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