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Play well caught snoring patients

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1 Play well caught snoring patients on Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:14 pm


Since no body said it must find a way for the owner. Besides voice, tone coughing, snoring media is important for both physicians and patients.

Listen ... snore!

Through much research mass in recent decades, is no doubt an intimate relationship between snoring and more serious diseases related to metabolic disorders. If you think that hurt almost certain diseases are mistaken for snoring. Than 10% of heavy snoring is caused by laryngeal roaring hiss. Rest it is a sign even meant for other diseases alarm farther throat!

Who snore, it is difficult to avoid. There are other differing only in frequency and intensity. Gently snoring, snoring Riu Riu is okay, good even sleep because the owner. But the lumbering heavy snoring bouts and comes with many stops in breathing during sleep is often a consequence of increased obesity and cholesterol. Consequently, myocardial infarction, cerebral vascular accident as easy as playing.

Doctors usually recommend so victims of this form should include snoring "singer by night" before the doctors ear-nose-throat, followed by cardiovascular physician if you notice more and more uncomfortable snoring for both parties .

There is one thing stronger nails column is too big soon snoring also a victim of lack of oxygen in vital organs like the brain, the heart, glomeruli, the eye ... When it moved from victim just talk to patients "administrative procedures"!

No one changed his tone suddenly for no reason

The problem does not stop there. Usually diabetes, if not measure blood sugar, often difficult to detect because many may exhibit symptoms sometimes vague, such as eating, sweet cravings, drink plenty but still thirst, frequent urination, weight weight, fatigue, blurred vision, numbness in limbs, pain, wound healing, skin ... makes physicians vulnerable if not divert attention diagnose this disease.

According to the report convincing researchers in endocrinology at the University of Erlangen (Germany), snoring is a warning sign associated intimately with diabetes. Blood sugar as unstable as to snoring, snoring as splitting tone to listen to people and especially the state of sleep apnea appears more likely.
Do not forget wheezing snore more when a cry of alarm the body before giving way to te little siren of an ambulance.

More worrying is that although not eat anything during the night, blood sugar levels in people who snore tend to be large increases in the following morning. This situation becomes clearer if more patients while being overweight and sedentary.

In contrast, people with diabetes reduce snoring clear if blood sugar is stable with therapy as effective as desired. Endocrine specialists have advised that rely on colleagues do not forget two important factors in the process of treatment and monitoring of diabetes. It is used snoring and tiredness upon waking up as the two criteria for evaluating progress, because these two signs as well as the measured value of blood sugar without testing, that is both cost support, has support painful.

Do not look snore, especially if the previous landlord but have not snore or snoring but with melodic grace. No one changed his tone suddenly for no reason. Very often when heavy snoring who were strangled plus this situation tired, matchmaking, more and more tired the other meal is smart reminders about diabetes. Early intervention is always safer to wait for the new leg to consider the dancing.
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