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The trick best fracture prevention: Eat spinach

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Not only are vegetables rich in nutrition, food cooler, heat well, with many other rich ingredients, spinach (spinach) is also a drug prevention best bone disease.

According to recent studies, spinach contain large amounts of antioxidants such as vitamin E and selenium have anti-aging process coming soon, promoting cell growth, activate the brain, strengthen your brain and help prevent brain aging, prevent Alzheimer's disease. Also eating spinach may also prevent fractures in the elderly.
Spinach also called spinach, good for bones

The study demonstrated, spinach rich in potassium and magnesium, vitamin K, in addition to containing a variety of substrates that promote the role of calcium for strong bones always.

The best way to eat spinach:

- Studies have shown that the addition of 200 mg of vitamin K from spinach every day will help maintain and strengthen the role of bone mineral density. And 200 mg of vitamin K in 100g spinach equivalent.

- How to cook: Vitamin K does not react with high temperature cooking process so as not to lose many nutrients. However, vitamin K should combine with carrots and little oil, so that when the body increases absorption.

- Limit combine spinach with tofu because tofu contains higher amounts of plant protein, add the magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate ... cooking with only reduces the amount of vitamins in spinach.
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