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Exotic raw fish Me "to" carp

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1 Exotic raw fish Me "to" carp on Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:11 pm


Sesame salad fish rustic countryside characterized by economical price cheaper than silver carp other fish so it has become the favorite of sophisticated people drink.

Fish used to eating raw fish is still alive, are raised in ponds and sand. Select the range 700-800g is used as a salad can be. If less than meat paste, to more fat will be no more delicious meat.

First, rinse the fish on, hit clean flakes, use straw or dry leaves or paper copies bamboo drying fish. Fish cleaning along the spine, gutted, cut head, fins, tail, bone block negotiations; to separate these processed sauces used.

Use dry absorbent paper has block negotiations of lean fish, use tweezers to draw all the bones of fish chips and then annealed using filter paper fish on the rice package about 2-3 hours, then bring the state. When he was very sharp knife used to fish, cut into pieces to create bevelled to thin. Thai on the way out, the fish skin is left. Individual states are mixed with powdered galangal and roasted soy bean powder into hearing, sealed cardboard used to separate absorbed into the fish.

For a raw fish meal quality assurance, in addition to actively prepare the fresh fish is to find spices. In which the preparation is seasoning: galangal, fresh, soft rice, green bananas, sour contract, bacon only, peanuts, sesame, soy, fish sauce, seasoning, herbs.

Own herbs to prepare roughly 10 kinds of leaves are: leaf supplement, hairy leaves dream, a hope leaves, sepals ball, leaf fish rapping, shiso, marjoram, bow, guava leaves, manioc leaves the boat, is the prism ... The leaves can be chopped, mixed well, and can leave them to eaters can choose the type of tobacco interests, attention must be dry leaves.

To make fish salad success not only in the processing but also in the process of preparing the sauce. Sauce is made with ingredients meticulously mainly skin and liver, bacon only, duck eggs and spices such as dried garlic, fresh, pickled salt, seasoning, sugar, pepper seeds (chilli). ..

Skin and liver was minced meat along with only three then marinated with fresh spices and above for lard or vegetable oil into a pan of boiling to non-aromatic garlic, stir fry the mixture over it to add a little water, boil low heat about 15-20 minutes. Dam duck eggs into a bowl, beat melted stir the pot, add salt and seasoning to taste MSG is.

Eating raw fish is also an art. Diners spoon some sauce san your bowl, you can use rice or soft directly add leaves, leaf expected to pack. Place the fish in the middle and then roll back, immersed in the bowl of sauce and then taken up chewing ...

The sweet smell of raw fish, salty, spicy spicy, fatty fat sauce mingles with the flavors of herbs, plus a hot cup of wine to put in minutes lightheadedness will make customers smile Thanks again and life is a strange and dishes such interesting.
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