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Secret wedding and simplicity of Mark Zuckerberg

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The billionaire has just turned 28 has kept their marriage secret until the last minute. He's also known in the less said about the private life even though the CEO of social networking which encourages people to share information.

"Love Story In Harvard" between Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan ending in a secret ceremony close to 100 attendees did not know before. They reach the palace of $ 7 million with 5 bedrooms of the Zuckerberg in Palo Alto, California (U.S.) pm 19/5 and thought that I was invited to celebrate Chan graduated from medical school.

Everyone congratulated Chan graduated. Photo: Splash.
But they are not welcome boss dressed in jeans Facebook T-shirt that is familiar gray suit complete with tie, seriously, 27 years old next bride in traditional white wedding dress.
Zuckerberg and Chan has spent four months in preparation for the wedding but not too many people or. This event is only known to the world when Zuckerberg posted a photo on his Facebook account and declared, "got married".

Unexpected guests before the wedding of Zuckerberg and Chan.
The wedding was a weekly event unforgettable end of Zuckerberg when he welcomed Birthdays on 14/5, Facebook shares issued on 18/5 and became one of the richest people in the world with total assets of $ 19 billion . But the wedding will go on with casual meals valued at $ 12 (250,000). These are dishes from Mexico was placed Zuckerberg's favorite restaurant, and dessert is chocolate cake with a $ 3 USD. "All along very shocked about the wedding," a share of attendance.

Billie Joe Armstrong performing at weddings. Photo: TMZ.
Zuckerberg invited family singer Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day to perform the song Last Night on Earth. Armstrong shared with the guests that he wrote this tribute to his wife. According to TMZ, a few other singers can also be seen as Flo Rida, Bon Jovi and Janet Jackson. However, it looks like Michael Jackson because Zuckerberg neighbor has it that they hear his music king of pop more died of other artists.
Mark Zuckerberg's wife is Priscilla Chan, Americans United. Many people expressed surprise that Facebook CEO monogamous with a girl whose "face normal" instead of a beautiful long legs like other billionaires. However, Chan conquered the strong Zuckerberg and personality. She can sit inside of cargo laptop and now when friends joke that no one will love as her lover Chan said she would "not only good at computers but also world famous." And Chan has made many jealous when girls must turn words into reality after more than ten years.

The two were always together for 9 years.
The student first year Zuckerberg casually familiar Chan when both are waiting on the toilet. One day, he asked Chan does not want to work for Facebook and she agreed. Chan plays an important role in the development of Facebook, Zuckerberg always travel in the event of the social network. She was also the CEO Facebook Christmas 2011.
However, before his busy, she has crafted an agreement that Zuckerberg for her to "an appointment a week, at least 100 minutes of privacy" if you will not agree to move in together. 19/5, Zuckerberg gave her a ruby ​​ring is designed simply, marking a new milestone for the beautiful relationship lasted nearly nine years.

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