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Should and should not sleep during the day

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1 Should and should not sleep during the day on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:56 pm


A few hours of sleep a day is an absolute necessity for her infant.

When you take care of your baby's sleep, the parents need some special attention the following day when the baby sleeps.

What parents should do
Recognize signs of wanting to sleep: rubbing their eyes, crying and yawning is of course the classic signs of a bad signal in her sleep. If too tired and sleepy through the baby will be more difficult to fall asleep. Thus, knowing the warning signs to put baby to sleep on the bed is essential.

Knowing your baby to sleep enough: These babies can sleep 16 hours a day, only to be woken at feeding and changing diapers, bathing. When larger, the time your baby will fall asleep during the day and increases at night. About 6 months old, babies can sleep sleep at night, a short residence in 2-3 days. At about 1 year old, 1-2 sleep during the day and 11-hour sleep at night.

Breast feeding, resting for a moment before sleep: It is natural that most children are asleep after feeding. Should aim to breastfeed her routine is finished, take a break before bed. Can talk to the kid or the closing straight, just something interesting for her to fill the empty time.

A few hours of sleep a day is an absolute necessity for the baby. (Photo).

Few days, but each gauge live longer: Baby you are the "worm" to sleep? If she has more than 6 months and still sleep a lot the nap (20 minutes / sleep) during the day, you should encourage your baby to sleep longer but less sleep over.

Try to play with her children when awake to reduce sleep time but not continuous deep sleep. This can prolong the baby's sleep during the day, up 1-2 hours / sleep and night, baby sleep better also.

Sleep 'can have meals mud': Let your baby to sleep and fixed time period, if possible. For example, for the baby to bed on time with daytime sleep. Avoid sleeping in late afternoon. If your baby is restless at night, so for her nap she woke early and early afternoon. Baby sleeping in her cot at night and even during the day, if you want to split the baby sleep in separate easily.

Consider safety: Many children fall asleep in that not as safe as waterbeds, sofas, beds of parents ... Always put your baby to sleep on their backs to reduce sudden death certificates in infancy. Removing the covers redundancy, stuffed animals, map other software from your baby's sleeping. Do not sleep with you big baby or pet.

What parents should not do
Awaken her: She fell asleep on the trolley when the mother and child walking and you want to wake you up in the bed next to her? However, this way only she wakes up and hard to sleep alone. With the child's nap (sleep not sleep at night or noon, lasting several hours), you absolutely can give your baby sleep on the trolley or chair cushion, as long as you have to always keep an eye on you.

No rush closing lullabies: Sneezing, coughing, irritability, even slightly wrong during sleep is common in children. It is not a sign that you were immediately rushed to the picks me up. Sometimes, a little cranky or crying is a sign that baby is sleeping well. Let's wait to see her there is no self to sleep at the same time, check the signs to ensure her safety, comfort and not be hungry. your child's school

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