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chewing rice for children, good or bad?

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1 chewing rice for children, good or bad? on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:46 pm


This approach unsanitary, badly affecting the digestion and development of children. This practice must be firmly rejected.

We all know, babies during rapid growth and education, need rich nutritious food to meet the body's physiological development. However, like the child good digestive absorption, the absorption through the child's need to receive the food itself to the promotion of development education.

Like adults, feed on the young palate, through cutting, chewing, grinding, kneading under the tongue mixed with saliva, food will be soft, are easy to swallow. Men in saliva resolution in food starch into sugar, which is beneficial for the gastrointestinal absorption in the next step. Chewing movements in young mouth will stimulate the taste buds, smell the food in the mouth leads to, can increase appetite, promote digestion of the stomach and stimulates salivation, teeth training , teeth and chewing muscles is a very useful activity.

If adults do "home" and then put the child, the child just swallowed it would seem to have no chance of the child chewing, salivation and reduce the chewing muscles and teeth makes no chance to practice. Over time, would not possible to influence the eating and digestion of the child.

Moreover, in the person's mouth, because the temperature, adequate moisture, combined with saliva and food debris are good conditions for the bacteria grow, flourish. Therefore, in the adult mouth has many bacteria and germs. Adults due to the relatively good resistance should not develop the disease. Children are different, immune mechanisms have not been finalized, weak resistance, mixing food in his mouth was large, the bacteria will be easy to follow on. Especially with adults suffering from infectious diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, dysentery, influenza, ... will be more easily taken ill on the child by mouth.

Therefore, to help children stay healthy and good digestion, so the rice absolutely not for children.

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